If you’d like to see your work appear on The Related Public, please send a draft to

This site publishes essays, short stories, reviews, interviews, poetry, music, pedagogical materials, or articles that fit within the parameters of Gonzo Philosophy, Labor Reports or Philosophical Inquirer. If you have a different sort of work you’d like to put up, you’re welcome to pitch it.

Any form of submission should be made such that…

(1) An 8th grader could understand and enjoy it.

(2) It offers some sort of insight, clarity, or creativity.

(3) It has a sense of personality inflected into it. No boring technical work!

Of course these criteria are loosely defined, and so ultimately whether they are satisfied is a matter of judgment, like a chef who knows — from years of practice — when his chicken is cooked just right. But if you are unsure whether your submission works, err on the side of erring, and send it along.

This site could benefit from regular contributors. If you’re interested, please say so in your submission email.