Gonzo philosophy

Hunter S. Thompson popularized a style of writing he, in the article “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved,” termed Gonzo Journalism. While traditional journalism makes a claim to objectivity through unbiased reporting, Gonzo makes no such claim. Taking a more personal approach, it recounts events that occurred from the first-person perspective, capturing the experience and emotion of the scene. Gonzo authors use a pseudonym instead of their real names, capturing events through the lens of their pseudo-fictional character. This serves to maintain Gonzo’s blurred distinction between reality and fiction and to allow the author the freedom that anonymity affords.

Gonzo Philosophy adopts the style that Hunter Thompson popularized, but with an emphasis on drawing out the philosophical import of the events its writers report on. In this way, the reader learns a certain way of being a philosopher in the world, and sees the nuanced and sometimes perverse ways that philosophers come to understand the world in the ways they do.